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On 18th June we will be updating the base of our Android app to address compatibility issues with recent devices.

This is for Android 11 device users only.
Apple device users or those operating on Android 10 remain unaffected. 

The new App version uses a faster database, which will require that App users log-in again to Fieldmotion after updating.

Please ensure that your App users' devices are fully synced BEFORE updating, and that there are no items in their upload queue as after the update,  any items that were there previous will be returned to the job list page minus any data that was recorded. We will not be able to retreive this data.

Please also ensure that your APP users know their login details. (email address and password) 

If there are any questions, please contact

Chrome Browser

We recommend using the Google Chrome web browser whilst using Fieldmotion for the best possible user experience.
Please ensure that you keep this up to date by regularly visiting chrome://settings/help

If an update is avaliable, it will prompt you to Update.

The most up to date version as of 24th May 2022 is 

Version 101.0.4951.67 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Fieldmotion Knowledge Centre

Please check out the Help button in your Fieldmotion system. 

Choose the category you wish to learn more about.

and here you will find easy to follow, step by step guides to help you get more from your system.

Not sure where to look? Simply type into the search field.